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Circus-o-rama - closing reception

Free Closing Reception

Circus-o-Rama is a vaudville and circus inspired art show promising artwork inspired by the circus

Featured Artist: Elaine Verchick

Artists Included: Elaine Verchick, Lauren Peck, Xavier, Ichae Ackso, Emma Mount, Hembert Guardado, Richard J. Frost, Laura Jane Levy, Gustavo Ponce, Alice Schlein, Michael Di Domencio, Teod Tomlinson, PeenLoon, Angus Oblong, Darcy J. Watt, Nora Notorious, Christopher Umana, Mike Stoneroad, Paul Torres, Nom Kinnear King, and others

Live entertainment by Proletarian Improve Group

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New Studio Location 816 S.Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021

"The great artists and minds of the era are our friends."