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Summer Triangle - Hangar 1018 Sponsored Event In Chinatown LA

Event Takes place in:

LA 6/30/07

LA SF 7/28/07

LA SF NY 8/5/07

On any given summer evening you can direct your attention to the sky and experience the phenomenon of the Summer Triangle. It is no coincidence that the star pattern that is created amongst the millions of twinkling lights parallels America's 3 major epicenters for creative ferment, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. The astronomical asterism that is created in the sky will be reflected in a triad of events that will commence in downtown Los Angeles, CA on June 30, 2007, adding San Francisco, CA July 28 th, 2007, and realizing the Summer Triangle with the addition of New York, NY on August 25th, 2007.

The goal of each event is a collaborative effort to create an ephemeral experience that brings together the importance of one's exposure to community, love and the feeling of summer. Birds, scorpions, dolphins and centaurs make up the strange summer menagerie engendered in the summer triangle star pattern. These focal points will be represented in each event, through performance, visual arts and projection, as well as installation. There will be contortionists, stilt walkers and pyrotechnic performers, as well as additional performance artists. The group art show will be composed of selections made in an array of genres from local artists in each respective city. Those in attendance are encouraged to contribute and participate in the theme by dressing in costume.

The event will benefit the Gray Area Gallery, a non-profit art gallery that is moving locations and initiating a contribution to San Francisco's troubled Tenderloin district. The Gray Area Gallery spawned from Los Angeles ' former Hear Gallery, once nestled in the heart of Echo Park. Also involved in event collaboration and promotion is Scarlett Casanova, founder of "Hang the DJ's" who will be bringing a myriad of talent to the stage. Hangar 1018 Gallery, Hear Gallery, Hang The DJs and Gray Area Gallery have cultivated an experience not to be missed.

Please come and involve yourself in this novel experience where summer smells bleed into magic feelings and sentiments are that much more profound.

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