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Tandem - California Design College’s ARTifice Collective Continues

Dean of Academic Affairs
California Design College
(213) 251-3636 ext. 217 or barnold@aii.edu

, California Design College’s ARTifice Collective Continues its Ongoing Exploration of Boundaries with Tandem.
Los Angeles, CA, California Design College’s student aesthetics organization, ARTifice, along with Studio 34, host Tandem, their 2nd annual student art exhibition. The show is an interdisciplinary effort that investigates the relationship between fine art and fashion, content and form, medium and message, hence the name.
Tandem’s opening reception will be Saturday, August 4, 2007, at the Hangar 1018 Gallery, 1018 S.Santa Fe Ave. in downtown Los Angeles, from 8PM-1AM. The student art show will showcase innovative work from Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior DesignFashion Marketing, and Interactive Media Design students, in and outside their metiers. Students are then paired up with fashion designers to create a couture piece reflective of the artwork. Another curation will focus on the organic/inorganic forms that collapse into common daily life. There will be live music on opening night: The Mormons, Carlos Gutierrez, Michael Mangia, and more.
ARTifice is an assembly of artists who meet to foster forums for interdisciplinary thought, create collaborative works and to extend their own questions into the Los Angeles community, to discover the connections and synthesis between the art student, California Design College, and the Los Angeles arts community.
For more information contact: Miah Jeffra @ jjeffra@aii.edu or 323.350.9176

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$5 for all others
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