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Native Instruments Presents: R5

Native Instruments Presents:

: Reaktor

an audio.visual.experience showcasing Reaktor 5

Friday, October 14th

9pm – 2am


Sponsored by: Shuttle Computer, AMD and Gigabyte

Join us at the Beautiful Hangar 1018 in downtown Los Angeles

1018 S.Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021


Featuring an Audio\Visual Installation by: Native Instruments & Derivative, Inc.

Native Instruments partners with the visual synthesis company, Derivative Inc. to create an interactive audio\visual installation that will stimulate and inspire the aural realm as well as the ocular one. If you are a musician, computer geek or an art buff you will instantly be drawn in to the fun! Guests will be able to jam together on machines running Reaktor 5 synthesizers synced together via OSC technology (Open Sound Control).

As people are jamming together, tweaking knobs to manipulate the out of this world sound, they will be sending signals to Derivative Inc.’s visual synthesizers in real time creating their own audio\visual performance.

Native Instruments

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS has been pioneering software synthesis since 1996 and is the technological market leader in the field of software synthesis as well as one of the key players in the booming market for music and audio software. The company s mission is to develop outstanding tools for musicians, producers, sound designers and DJs. The resulting products regularly push technological boundaries and open up new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike.


Derivative Inc.

DERIVATIVE brings advanced real time animation tools to artists who author and perform live visuals. Touch is Derivative's family of products for installation artists, architects, stage designers, VJs, researchers, web 3D developers, educators and anyone who wishes to play and manipulate live interactive 3D visuals.

DERIVATIVE spun-off in 2000 from Side Effects Software, who make Houdini, the popular 3D special effects software. Houdini was used in over 200 feature films in 1992-2004, including over 1000 shots in the Matrix, Titanic, X-Men 1&2, Spiderman 1&2, Fantasia 2000, the Grinch, Lord of the Rings and I, Robot. Touch is developed from the Houdini product. http://www.derivativeinc.com

Live all Reaktor Synthesis Performances by:


Featuring Mikael Sandgren and Tom Ozanich

Located in Hollywood, Soundelux is a leading post-production sound company. Whether it's editorial supervision, sound design, or other related sound services, Soundelux continues to set the standard with its first-class consortium of talent, technology and teamwork. Since it's launch in 1982, Soundelux has maintained an undeniable commitment to bringing the most comprehensive level of audio expertise and service to the content community. Soundelux has worked with every motion picture studio in Hollywood, and continues to develop relationships with both seasoned veterans and up-and-coming filmmakers. www.soundeluxdmg.com


Logreybeam is Californian musician Gabriel Morley. Using custom made software patches and modern techniques, Morley takes sounds and manipulates them into micro-symphonies; expansive electro-acoustic pieces defying genre boundaries. He has released his debut album 'It's All Just Another Aspect Of Mannerism' on British label 'Type Recordings' www.typerecords.com, a label that prides itself in diversity and the pursuit of challenging new music.


Deru is Los Angeles' Benjamin Wynn. His styles and influences take

him from hip-hop to IDM and back again. Deru's motto seems to be that

complex sounds and beats can live together. He has released music

with Merck Records, Neo Ouija, Ghostly International, and Mille

Plateaux, and is currently starting pre-production on his 3rd album.

Benjamin also produces music and sound for commercial projects

ranging from Nickelodeon to Nike. www.meisderu.com

Christian Kjeldsen

Christian Kjeldsen first became involved with NI as a Product Specialist in Boston. He later joined NI’s support staff in Los Angeles, and eventually entered the world of sound design, designing sound for Electronic Instruments Vol 2 and Absynth 3. Christian graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a Bachelors Degree in Music Synthesis. He currently works as a Sound Designer for Rockstar Games in San Diego and enjoys taking long walks on the beach.

RD vs Sariah Storm

Sariah Sizemore aka Sariah Storm is the U. S Customer Support Manager for Native Instruments. She uses a variety of NI software in her sound design, production and DJ endeavors. Sariah is the founder of The Terpischore Group, a Los Angeles based arts organization that committed to the advancement of technologically-based music and art culture and the exploration of the post digital frontier. Sariah is currently working on her debut album. www.terpsichoregroup.org

RD White has been affiliated with Native Instruments in one way or another since the conception of its Los Angeles based office. One of the first Los Angeles DJs to faithfully use Traktor DJ studio and evangelize about it, he then went on to write the book Traktor DJ Power for Course Technology. RD is currently a lead Technical Support Rep for Native Instruments. He is also the founder of ELM Conceptions a local collective of music geeks that has been contributing to the experimental music seen in Los Angeles for over 7 years. RDs first E.P AdvDanced will be released on Touchin Bass records this fall. RD is also the co-founder of The Designed Disorder, a new record label distributed through Mush Records.



Too Many Mistakes

Los Angeles duo Emis began as an experiment in erratically programmed percussion and improvised synth playing, and has since evolved into an electronic songsmith with a unique live act.

Emis noise makers Forrest Sutton and Jesse Cooper take a largely hands-on approach to performing, using hardware controllers and custom software instruments to manipulate the most detailed elements of a piece in real-time. Therefore, no two expressions of a particular song are ever the same, and the quality of the music is highly influenced by audience participation.

The debut album, as yet unnamed, is due for release in the fourth quarter of 2005.


About our Sponsors:


Established in 1990, Shuttle Computer Group, Inc. is the American arm of well-known Taiwanese company Shuttle, Inc., the world's leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor (SFF) computers, and assorted motherboards. In 2001, the company ignited the SFF computer revolution and has continued to upgrade and enhance the platform ever since.

Today, its award-winning, fashionable Shuttle XPC is the best-selling small form factor brand, and a new line of complete XPC systems now available to the end consumer. Available in over 100 countries, the XPC product line provides unmatched performance, functionality, and style. An XPC system delivers all of the power and flexibility of the PC, yet in a small, stylish form factor one third the size.


Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, California, AMD provides microprocessors, Flash memory devices, and silicon-based solutions for our customers in the communications and computer industries worldwide.

However, our focus goes beyond integrated circuits and transistors. AMD is committed to helping our customers — and their customers — take advantage of the phenomenal capacity of silicon to add value and help differentiate their offerings. To that end, AMD products are developed with customer needs always in mind and not for the sake of innovation alone.



GIGABYTE-a brand with a vision for innovation, value, and performance. GIGABYTE takes advanced technologies and transforms them into value for customers through professional solutions and global service network.


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