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Grief Relief - a hurricane benefit

GRIEF RELIEF - a Hurricane Benefit Oct. 27th

!h from WOVEN and Hangar1018 present:

"GRIEF RELIEF" a Hurricane Benefit to Re:new orleans.

Thursday, Oct. 27th at 8pm $7 @ HANGAR 1018 in Downtown LA

with a live performance by:

edIT (Planet Mu + i-Complex), emis (i- Complex), Longevity Crew,

AllRise, Lost in Los Angeles, Ninja Academy, Poolabomb, Echocell and more.

and on Wax: DJ Nohaptimus Prime (i-Complex) and DJ Noj

featuring art by: Gavin Hayes and Drew Roulette of Dredg,

Nathan Cartwright, Vanessa Heintz, Miguel Vasconcellos, Randy Kono,

Ron Outlaw, Frank Venadas, Carol Powell, Rama Hughes, Christine M.,

Patrick Theaker, Melissa Moss, Alexander Schaefer, Jim Holyoak, Zoso,

Greg Gould, Rama Hughes, Leticia Lacy, Heath Satow and more.

Live art by Neal Barbosa - www.nealbarbosa.com

Clothing Sale by Etnies, Dakine and Blunt Clothing

and also a Bake sale and local micro boutiques.

with all of the evening's proceeds to be donated to:

America's Second Harvest - http://www.secondharvest.org


Habitat For Humanity - http://www.habitat.org

Hangar 1018 is located at:

1018 Santa Fe Ave. at Sacramento in Downtown LA.

visit www.hangar1018.com for driving directions.

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