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The Max


Sat., November 19th, 2005

6:00PM- 2AM

$8 at the door

at HANGAR 1018

1018 S. Santa Fe Ave.

Los Angeles CA 90021

enter on Sacramento


Coming Saturday, Nov. 19th 2005 the Hangar will be filled with illuminated blacklight art, along with some of the

best up and coming bands and performances in La La land.

Headlining Act:

The Pacific

Performers include:

Harmonic Chronic

Laura Escude



Random Ninjas

The Golden Ratio

8 BIT Weapon

and more!!

Featured Artist:

Lindsay Riley


Misha/ Eban Lehrer/ Kindred Gottlieb/ Marcella Lineiro/ Justin Lewis/ Megan Sherwood/

Rita Lichtwardt/ Renee Gontarski/ Catherine Brooks/ Valerie Nunez/ Travis Morley/

Dylan Spears/ Nathan Cartwright/ Chris Nichols/ Tim Spain/ Dave Brett/ Treiops Treyfid/

Chris Donham/ Corey Jackson/ Cody Pickrodt/ Jeff McMillan/ Joe Baric/ Emmeric Konrad/

Glen Fox/ Rob Malone/ Carol Powell/ Michele Waterman/ Robert Bisi/ Jim Holyoak/ Airom/

Preston Thomas/ Craig Cartwright/ Orion/ Keith Wong/ Jeff Lawter/ Louie Metz/ L. Croskey/

Greg Gould/ Milla Zeltzer/ Brandt Marshall/ Megan Elizabeth Ford/ Grant Roman/David Wyffels

Joe Dunavan/ Sean Gilleran/ Sandi Sullivan/ Zoso/ Tony Koehl/ Kio Griffith/ and more!!!!

Live painting by:

Blacklight specialist--------GEAR

also, by:

Emmeric Konrad

Backstage: I COMPLEX Dj's

Food served by: Bower's Sausages

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New Studio Location 816 S.Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021

"The great artists and minds of the era are our friends."