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Always Festival Week # 4

Every Thursday

To lend a hand in supporting our friends and film makers, Hangar 1018

decided that from now on, we will be showing a variety of independent

and shorts each Thursday. The show is always free, so bring as

friends as you like.

Films will be shown in our gallery space. We suggest bringing a

blanket or other comfort items to keep you snug during the film.

Gallery opens at 6:30PM, and shows start at 8:00PM. The
gallery will

generally be open until 9:30 unless showtimes or fun force us to stay


The doors are open throughout the show, so mid-show walk-ins are

welcome, just be courteous to the other movie watchers.

Visit www.hangar1018.com for films titles and information.

This week:

La Cerca

Directer by S.J. Main

Filmmakers... please send Submissions to:

Always Festival

c/o Hangar 1018

1018 S. Santa Fe Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90021

or email web links to



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"The great artists and minds of the era are our friends."